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Solar panel installation- Meet Kimmy!

June 25, 2021

HOUSTON (CW39) – The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Does that play a role in where you put the panels on the home? 

“Absolutely. What we are looking for is solar radiant factor and you are going to find that on the east, south, and west side of the home”, says Freedom Solar Representative Gene Smith.

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Gas-Loving Texans Pile into Home Solar, Batteries After Freeze

April 30, 2021

When blackouts hit Houston last February, Rob and Robin Dickehuth’s home became a port in the storm for neighbors, thanks to a $35,000 solar and battery system [from Freedom Solar] that kept windows aglow and devices fully charged.

“We were pretty much the only home on the block with light,” Rob said. “I think this was a hard lesson for

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Building A Solar Powerhouse: How Drones Helped Freedom Solar Expand

February 17, 2021

Josh Meade saw Freedom Solar grow from a startup to a multi-state enterprise. He’s been in solar energy long enough to know the “old” way of climbing on roofs and translating hand-drawn sketches into official solar plans. Now, Freedom Solar has fully embraced drone technology. As lead designer, he loves how it helps site assessors stay safe and how drones

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Inside Freedom Solar’s Hiring, Revenue Spike During Pandemic

December 31, 2020

As those working from home seek to reduce their electricity bills, the solar company has enjoyed increased demand and has responded with a hiring spree, as well as plans for multistate expansion.

With so many working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, more expensive electricity bills have become a part of life.

That trend has forced residents to look for

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Freedom Solar Quadruples San Antonio Space With Plans for More Hiring

November 23, 2020

After our most profitable quarter ever Freedom Solar is excited to announce that we’ve expanded in the San Antonio market with a new office space that has quadrupled in size. This comes as no surprise, as we’ve seen tremendous growth and opportunity for solar in the Alamo City.

An Austin-based solar company coming off its strongest quarter ever is moving

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Freedom Solar Building On Texas Automotive Success To Expand into Out-Of-State Markets

November 9, 2020

Austin-based Freedom Solar, announced today their expansion into out-of-state markets. The solar industry giant attributed its phenomenal growth, in part, to the automotive industry’s increasing interest in converting to solar power.

“Freedom Solar’s third quarter in 2020 was our most profitable quarter since opening in 2007, and a big factor in that success is the increasing trend among automobile dealerships

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Freedom Solar Enjoying Pandemic-Fueled Growth

November 5, 2020

With so many working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, more expensive electricity bills have become a part of life. That trend has forced residents to look for ways to trim the cost of electricity — a behavior shift that has driven demand for solar energy, as well as growth for Austin-headquartered Freedom Solar.

The bootstrapped company, founded by Chief

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Freedom Solar Named The #15 Fastest Growing Company By The Austin Business Journal

October 23, 2020

Texas-based Freedom Solar is honored to have been named the 15th fastest growing company by the Austin Business Journal.

The winners in Austin Business Journal’s annual Fast 50 contest have been ranked, with tech startups taking the top spots in both categories.

The awards highlight local companies with outstanding revenue growth for the past three years, with some recording compound

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Jaguar and Land Rover of Boerne Installs Solar at New Location

October 1, 2020

In 2019, Freedom Solar partnered with San Antonio based automotive group, Barrett Motors, to complete a landmark installation at their new Jaguar and Land Rover of Boerne dealership. This project was part of the largest solar power initiative of any automotive group in Central Texas. (pg 14)

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Freedom Solar Teams Up With Bob Tomes Ford-McKinney

September 2, 2020

Texas-based Freedom Solar, the leading turnkey solar energy installer in Texas and leader of the largest automotive solar initiative in the state announced today it has completed a contract with Bob Tomes Ford for a major installation of solar panels at its McKinney Dealership – the first solar energy installation at an automotive dealership in the area.

“Not only is

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Freedom Solar Posts Most Profitable Quarter Ever

July 14, 2020

A record-setting 2019 has led into an even stronger 2020, with the company hoping to ramp up success in the typically-busy second half of the year.

Building on the company’s most profitable year ever in 2019, Austin-based Freedom Solar posted its most profitable quarter ever, with $13 million in sales in Q2 and $29 million year to date.

What’s more,

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Frontier Bank Installs Solar Power System at Elgin Location

June 15, 2020

Austin-based Freedom Solar announced on June 1 the completion of solar installations at Frontier Bank of Texas. The Central Texas-based financial institution partnered with Freedom Solar to install commercial solar power systems on three of their Austin-area locations including Elgin, Burnet Road and Manor.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Frontier Bank as we continue to see a

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Reporter’s Notebook: Is It Time To Create Your Own Power?

June 5, 2020

Texans are becoming increasingly nervous about the reliability of their power supply— and for good reason.

Power outages are becoming more common as hurricanes and other storms bring down power lines and blow out transformers, taking the average U.S. consumer off line nearly 6 hours a year. The state grid manager had to call for voluntary power conservation measures

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Could Oil’s Crisis Be Solar’s Opportunity?

April 11, 2020

Emotions run high amid all the uncertainty that comes with a global pandemic, but Bret Biggart said renewable energy could help ease some of that.

As the oil and gas industry appears more volatile than ever, one solar industry CEO is urging disaffected energy investors to look on the bright side.

Some on Wall Street were wary of the oil

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Now Is The Time For Houstonians To Invest In Solar Energy, Says Expert

April 9, 2020

Largely due to the growing popularity and falling prices of solar energy in Texas, including incentives at the federal, state, and local level, the number of solar panel installations continues to trend upward throughout the state and especially in Houston.

For the third year in a row, Houston was named the top municipal user of green energy in the nation by the

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Texas Installer Sees Coronavirus Concerns Driving Interest In Residential Storage

March 27, 2020

While national solar and storage projections fall, the opposite has been true for Bret Biggart and Freedom Solar, with more and more customers looking for residential storage to weather uncertain times.

“Today, more than any time, we’re seeing that the world is a volatile place. Whether it’s the economy, the grid or our public health, all of these things are

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Texas’ Freedom Solar Talks About Its Most Successful Year Yet (And The Power Of A Millennial Workforce)

February 26, 2020

Austin, Texas-based Freedom Solar just had its most successful year since its founding in 2007, due largely to the increasing number of homeowners and corporations going solar. Freedom Solar grew revenue by 75% to nearly $50 million, completing 1,288 commercial and residential installations in 2019 for a total of 13.69 megawatts (MW) of solar power in comparison to a total of

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